Duchess of Alba and Tom Cruise premiered Ghost Protocol

The Duchess of Alba, who now resides in Duenas palace in Seville, packed his bags in Madrid yesterday to be reunited with his friend, Tom Cruise, who premiered last night the movie Ghost Protocol - Mission Impossible 4 – EXCUSIVE VIDEO

The Duchess of Alba, accompanied by Alfonso Diez melted in a friendly embrace with the Hollywood star, whom she met while filming the “Knight and Day” two years ago in Seville.

Dressed in a hippie-style dress with a brown fur coat and black shoes, the duchess landed on the red carpet flanked by the Duke of Alba on the right and Tom Cruise on the left. Far from being overwhelmed by the presence of the actor, the duchess had a pleasant conversation with Tom Cruise, who was delighted with this reunion.

Overcoming the low temperatures that prevailed last night in the capital he was wearing a white turtleneck sweater and a mustard-colored jacket. Tom was signing autographs for more an hour accompanied by the rest of the cast of the film for all those who were braved to stay in cold.

The Dukes of Alba and the army of Tom’s fans, were not the only ones who yesterday gathered in central Madrid, There were a lot of familiar faces of the Spanish establishment and a few Hollywood stars, who did not want to miss the screening of the film director Brad Bird, which will be released next Friday in Spain.

Guti and his new girlfriend, Romina Belluscio loved to pose on the red carpet.  The Rivera brothers, Francisco and Cayetano, also did not want to miss the premiere. Vanessa Romero, Sara Vega, Paz Vega’s sister, Juncal Rivero and singer Nika were also present in Madrid last night to watch this film.

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