Ronaldo vs Beckhamw, who looks better in underpants

Two football stars, and have been competing to sell their own line of clothing: Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani and David Beckham for . Armani’s underwear is an exclusive, expensive and aiming to the relatively confined market of young, adventures and wealthy men. Customers of H & M consist a wide range of men in different ages, often fathers, who consist a mass market with affordable prices. Beckham and Ronaldo were very well chosen, as living mannequins, for the purposes of marketing targets. Who will sell more? – the answer is also not too difficult.    

 Who looks better in underpants, David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo? 
Beckaham in the last TV commercial for H & M, on streets of Beverly Hills, in long shorts, facing a group of elderly ladies, pulling down the shorts pinching his bottom… or, perhaps the super athletic Ronaldo in a TV commercial for Armani, wearing a sexy underwear brief and exposing his attributes of masculinity, in a hotel room alone with a beautiful chambermaid, Is the answer difficult?.

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