Ridley Scott, top secret in Andalucia

The British film director Ridley Scott best known for movies such as ‘Gladiator’, ‘Thelma and Louise’,  ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Hannibal’ and ‘Alien’ returned to Andalucia where, in the past he shot to films, ’1492: ‘Conquest of Paradise’ (1992) and ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ (2005). The recce was organised by Andalucía Film Commission to look for film locations under conditions of the new project confidentiality.

The prologue to the visit in Andalucia was a journey to Canary Islands, where he was in March this year with the same goal of looking for locations.He arrived in Malaga on 22nd May from Rome and the whole Scott’s team made a base in AC Hotel Malaga Palacio. During the three day recce Ridley Scott visited the Guadalquivir River, undeveloped coastal areas of Cadiz, the Tabernas Desert and Cabo de Gata coast near Almería. He was also interested in one of the monuments of the Malaga – the Alcazaba. Scott’s team requested information on the production guidance including a list of professionals, services and information on the film network comprising 140 municipalities.

Regarding the ‘top secret’ Scott has already a list of forthcoming projects including a sequel to his classic ‘Blade Runner’ and the second part of ‘Prometheus’. However the Spanish media speculate that Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation has offered him the biblical epic ‘Exodus’ featuring the epic journey of Moses and the Hebrew people to a promised land and that could be the project for Andalusia.

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