Slaves wanted for Ridley Scott’s Exodus, video

Several thousands of Spaniards came for a casting to play the role of 2000 slaves in the Ridley Scott’s biblical epic “Exodus”, which will be filmed later this year in a depressed region of Almeria with over 50% youth unemployment. A salary of 80 Euro per day has sparked a rush of a harassed crowd, waiting up to 8 hours, facing the heat, fainting and anxiety attacks – watch the video made by Marta Moslw.

Safety and security concerns were raised following the casting in Almería where more than 7,000 people arrived, some on coaches from out-of-town. The crowds spilled into the road, reportedly holding up traffic and putting people in danger. At one point the Spanish casting agents announced the cancellation the Majocar casting for the security reasons, because too many people were turning up for them. Later casting sesions went ahead as planned and were much quieter.

It is unclear if the film will be the entire life of Moses, as it is in the Bible, or just the selections at the end of the book of Exodus. In the past books and films have done the entire life of Moses, while others focus solely on Moses freeing the slaves. The scheduled locations for the film right now have locations scattered throughout the world, including England, Spain and Morocco. If the schedule is accurate then production will begin this fall, with a release date planned for December 2014.

The l actor considered to play a Biblical role was Russell Crowe, however he will be playing the role of Noah in the film will be directed by Darren Aronofsky. It’s expected now that Christian Bale will be cast as Moses.

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