Bolywood invades Krakow

Indian film producers turn their attention to Europe looking for film locations. After some attempts in Spain they are invading Poland and Krakow turns to be their one of the most desirable place. While the big productions are expected, the local producer Film Polska already helped to find the perfect locations of Indian motorbike commercial for Mahindra Centuro Poland. Most recently Krakow was chosen again as a filming location of Indian commercial of Yardley London featuring big Bollywood star Katrina Kaif.

Bollywood is one of the most important film industries in the world with more than 1,000 films a year. The vibrant song-and-dance routines have millions of fans. India is home to regional industries making films in more than 20 languages – but Mumbai’s Hindi-speaking Bollywood is the biggest of all. The most expensive Indian film is in Tamil – Endhiran (Robot) costed $35m (£23m) to make. Indians buy 2.7 billion movie tickets annually, the highest in the world. But average ticket prices are among the lowest in the world so revenues are a fraction of Hollywood’s. 

In 1970s, legendary producer Yash Chopra decided to move from the slopes of Kashmir in search of new location in Alpine surroundings of Switzerland. Since than, Bollywood has moved decisively beyond Switzerland. Exotic locations are still in vogue but Bollywood has been spotted in Scotland, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Bangkok and South Africa. Recently they went after Spain, Czech Republic and Poland.

An official trip of Indian producers to Poland was organized jointly by Polish Tourist Organization (POT) and Film Polska Productions exploring areas around Warsaw, the Polish mountains and Krakow. The beauty of Poland amazed the Indian producers who are planning to shoot in Poland some parts of a sequel of a hit Hindi romantic comedy. A location scouting company in India owned by famous producer Jeet Chacha is scheduling an Indian political thriller in Krakow.

The vibrant, attractive and unique city of Krakow is becoming a hot spot among international producer because of its spectacular architecture and monuments, which can easily recreate Paris, Rome or London. Local producer Film Polska already helped find the perfect locations for a motorbike driving scenes and organized production of a commercial for Mahindra Centuro Poland, based in Krakow.
“We considered Prague at first, because of its film tradition and being a recognisable brand within the industry. However, production services in Prague are still quite expensive. What made us choose Krakow was that it had similar advantages and quality of services, yet remains much more cost-effective,” says Prafull Sharma of Chrome Pictures Pvt. Ltd, an Indian production company of Mahindra Centuro commercial.

There have been a new Indian projects shot in Krakow in the last few months.
Film Polska Productions of Krakow and Krakow Film Commission, in collaboration with Classics Films from Mumbai, shot a TV commercial for Yardley London Deo at Slowacki Theater. The spot featured Katrina Kaif, one of India’s most famous film stars.
“Beauty brands need a beautiful face and a beautiful place,” says Samrat Das Gupta, Creative director at Situations Advertising, explaining why Krakow was chosen as a filming location by Yardley London: “The decision-making process is simple – if it has the wow factor, let’s do it!. The commercial’s concept is that a diva comes to a theatre for a performance. Krakow doubled for London”.


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